Design & Development

The many benefits enjoyed by our clients who choose this method are Involvement in concept, design and planning and Anxiety is alleviated as the responsibility rests with us to deliver the project as per design & performance criteria.

This style of contract has been successfully used by Planet to complete a variety of proejcts, (including but not limited to) apartments, townhouses, factory units, commerical buildings, child-care facilities and medical centres to the total satisfaction of our clients.

Our extensive experience in the plumbing industry provides us with a wealth of knowledge to assist our clients. Our in house hydraulic consultants not only assist clients in designing individual projects, using our fully equipped AutoCAD stations, but can also offer a realistic budget for their project.

We have had the opportunity to design various installations and to work in close conjunction with architects and clients offering sound advice concerning alternative materials and installations to reduce the overall costs of the project.


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About Us

Planet Plumbing is an Australian-owned private company with offices throughout Australia.

The Company is dedicated in our drive to successfully achieve a reputation in providing a quality plumbing service to a range of clients. The Company is currently involved in the hydraulic design, development & construction of some of Australia’s most prestigious projects.